5 Hacks to save dry fruits from humid weather

We all are fond of dry fruits because of the taste and it is also no secret that they carry many health benefits.

But during the humid weather, they get moisten and because of the moistening, there is a foul taste and their crunchiness and freshness also fade away. So to avoid these kinds of problems, there are some hacks which you can apply to make your nuts fresh for long time.

1. Use air tight container.

All the dry fruits must be kept in air tight containers so that they remain tasty, crispier and crunchier.

2. Avoid excessive exposure to heat.

Exposure to excessive heat and light can spoil the nuts. So it is necessary to keep them at an ambient temperature. Zip lock packing must be used to keep them fresh and crunchier.

3. Refrigeration.

Put the nuts in air tight container and place them in refrigerator. Cool temperature will make them long last as compare to ordinary room temperature.

4. Put the dry fruits in Sugar Container.

Place the dry fruits inside the sugar containers as sugar absorbs the moisture.

5. Use of Zip Lock bag.

Use the air tight zip lock bag to carry the dry fruits. Zip lock bag is handy and it will also retain the freshness and crispiness.

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