8 Immunity boosting dry fruits on run

In today’s busy life we need super foods which can act as booster dose for our body. The foods we eat are mostly junk which gives us very low nutrition, in fact they are the reason for our acute illness. So what to add in our daily diet which can improve our immune system? The answer is dry fruit. Yes, dry fruits are full of nutrition and they are handy too. For this, you don’t have to spare your time to eat. They are so handy that you can eat them at anywhere. The most important thing is that, a few quantity of dry fruits can give you enormous energy. You don’t have to eat much. These dry fruits are good for health. So here is a list of 8 Immunity boosting dry fruits on run.


Dry fruit like almond contains a lot of vitamins and minerals for building our immunity. It contains anti-oxidants which keeps our cell healthy. 5-6 almonds twice a day is enough for building your immunity.


Nuts such as cashews are a good source of zinc. Zinc plays a very important role in functioning of white blood cells which are the main key for fighting with the infections. Cashews boost our immunity and keep us healthy and energetic.


Pistachios are one of the healthiest nuts that are not good only in nutrients, but are also beneficial for our heart functioning. They are rich in fibers and healthy fats. They help in maintaining cholesterol and also in weight management.


Just a handful of walnuts can help you in looking and feeling younger. They are a powerhouse of anti-oxidants. They are very good for our skin. It is one the best immunity boosting dry fruit.


Normally called as raisins. They are a great source of energy. They are charged with natural sugars. One of the best benefits of munakka is that it is a secret tummy tucker.


Peanuts are taken as snacks in many households because they contain a lot of nutrients. It lowers down our bad cholesterol and hike up good cholesterol in our body. They prevent us from coronary diseases.

Flax Seeds

There are many benefits of consuming flax seeds. They are good for our skin and hairs. Flax seeds are high in anti oxidants. They have ability to promote our digestive health.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds may looks so tiny but they have a lot of health benefits. They are a very good source of dietary protein. Sesame seeds are rich in iron and hence they are highly recommended for those who are suffering from anemia and weakness.

So these are some immunity boosting dry fruits. They are delicious in taste as well as they are also good source of energy. These dry fruits are good for health. You can buy these dry fruits online at Ashoka dry fruits. We at at Ashoka dry fruits provide premium quality dry fruits an affordable cost. We provide you dry fruits at whole sale price. You can buy them online and can also visit our stores at Tilak Nagar and Dwarka.

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